Ihiala, Anambra State


SECURITY: This is a grave area of concern as Security always is synonymous with peace and progress. Crime is the most potent danger to our lives and properties and is mutating fast, making social and moral decay lucrative grafts. There is a saying no place like home and you cannot call your home a home if it does not provide you a refuge from criminals. No civilized and stable community ever rose to the status of civility by industrializing crime. So, we cannot call our home our home if we are not secure in it. Studies have shown that the best and the most effective ways of fighting crime are through education, character-building, family, religious and spiritual values, and instituting programs that make crimes non-lucrative, and portray them as infra-dig to human dignity and culturally ostracizes criminals as outcasts. We, INUSA cannot afford to wince at crimes, and leave touts, brigands and kidnappers to traverse our community and prey on our people unchallenged.
We want to introduce and support programs and endeavors that will not allow criminals and crimes any respite in Ihiala. Education holds the key.
For security, presently, Ihiala depends on the services of the existing vigilante groups that serve as our COP (citizens on patrol). With the help and supervision of the Police, they are now doing the neighborhood watch in our villages. They need means of mobility and the most basic security gadgets and gizmos. Nevertheless, they are doing wonderful job with their bare stout hearts. For them to continue to do creditable job, we need to equip them with means of mobility, batons, flashlights, walkie-talkies – communication scanners, roadblocks/security gates, gadgets, gizmos and any other civilian crime fighting equipments such as pepper sprays.
Considering that the security system we have now is in all respects a temporary makeshift made up of volunteers, in the long run we need a system that will have some permanence. So by offering incentives to the present volunteers we will attract individuals who would want to make a career of it. The steps we are taking to accomplish this are -

  1. Giving financial and material support to the Local Security institutions - Police and Law enforcement Units and the Neighborhood Patrol Corps popularly called Vigilante who work closely with the State and City Police and Constables.
  2. Supplying them with uniforms, security equipments such as walkie-talkies and communication gadgets, batons, flash lights and all other security gizmos they need and approved by the State.
  3. Will help to sponsor the training and licensing of the vigilante personnel in keeping with the law as required by the State Government.
  4. INUSA has so far donated to the Neighborhood patrol walkie talkies, flashlights and eight motor cycles as means of mobility and plans to up grade to automobiles – vans and jeeps. It has also donated over N 700,000.00 for their other Security gadgets and gizmos.
As Security is one of the four Principal Meridian Programs of Ihiala National USA       (INUSA), we intend to help to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Security Program as described above.


The three main programs of Ihiala National USA Inc. are:


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