Ihiala, Anambra State

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Welcome to the Web site of Ihiala National USA Inc.(INUSA).

Ihiala National USA Inc. is a 501(c)(3)non-profit Organization organized and run exclusively as a Charitable Organization by Ihiala Indigenes in USA.

The main purpose of Ihiala National USA Inc. (INUSA) is to

  • To help our Community through the three principal Meridian Programs of INUSA—Education, Medical and Security.
  • To help alleviate the socioeconomic pressures and afflictions in Ihiala and beyond  and to help in their Community development initiatives within the Programs of INUSA,   and,
  • To make donations/ provide financial assistance to Security and Law Enforcement Units, other Charitable Organizations and to the Needy and the Afflicted within and without our Community

Click here to learn more about our programs and operations, what we have accomplished; our plans to spread sunshine in Ihiala and everywhere we can. These will convince you about our need for you to help us out. As St. Paul was asked in his dream, to “come over to Macedonia and help us”, we are here asking you to come over to Ihiala National USA Inc. and help us to help our community and the afflicted. 

Below is our three main Programs - Education, Healthcare and Security:


Education holds the key to solving all our problems. Education is the engine that moves the society and opens for humanity new frontiers and vistas of opportunities for the pursuit of happiness. It aids humanity to attain its greatest heights to achieve peace and prosperity. Education, the panacea to all our socioeconomic and political pressure. [learn more]


Health First, A healthy body is a healthy mind so runs the cliche - seek health and commit to conquest of disease and join our Medical Mission team. [learn more]


Progress and stability are products of Security. Don't leave crimes and criminal traverse our community unchallenged and prey on our lives and property. Prevent crimes and do not let criminals ply their insane lucrative grafts. Live honorably, crimes are infra-dig to human dignity. The fight starts with Education, character-building and practice of spiritual values. [learn more]

The three main programs of Ihiala National USA Inc. are:


Click here for details.