Ihiala, Anambra State


HEALTHCARE SERVICE: As the saying goes, “all babies cry alike.” Healthcare is problem in all third world countries due to poverty and its attendant poor and scarce medical facilities, pharmaceutical products, and of course lack of education. So, our Healthcare problem is not unique. It is commonplace all the developing countries and therefore it is a challenge we, INUSA, are confronted with.
Our Healthcare system as in Education lacks the basic necessities needed in addressing myriads of health concerns starting from medical and health information, medications, supplies and equipments. Our mission here is to help alleviate the problems by taking the following steps:-

  1. Gravitate heavily on health awareness education - starting with basic hygiene, information about symptoms and causes of many common Health conditions, risks, diseases and prevention.                                                 
  2. Frequent medical check ups and wellness exercises.
  3. Undertake Regular Medical Mission - screening and treatment and Minor surgeries and hospital referrals.
  4. Help in the supply of pharmaceutical drugs, general medical supplies and related products—diagnostic equipments, books, computers and clean water supply.
  5. Support and help equip our hospitals, clinics and medical aid posts.
  1. Support and sponsor training of health care workers -  Nurses and Nurse Aids and Assistants and Doctors.
  2. Help in repairing and remodeling of hospital and clinics, health centers, buildings and facilities.
  1. Build Hospitals, Labs and Diagnostic facility, Wellness Centers, Clinics, Health Centers and specialty centers such as Dialysis Center.

Presently, we regularly undertake a three day biannual Medical Mission where our Doctors and health workers see an average of 4000 patients and supply them with at least three months worth of medication with hospital follow up. We have also donated and will continue to donate medications and equipment to the local hospitals and clinics.

The three main programs of Ihiala National USA Inc. are:


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