Ihiala, Anambra State


Ihiala National USA Inc.(INUSA) is a Non-Governmental and Non-Political 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization organized and run as a Charitable Organization by Ihiala Indigenes in USA for the purpose of helping in our Community Development initiatives in the areas of Education, Security and Health Care. Its membership is voluntary for the citizens of Ihiala citizens and individuals who are committed to Community and Humanitarian Services. The purposes of the Organization as set forth in the articles of incorporation are exclusively charitable but not limited to Cultural, Medical, Education and Security initiatives.

As a Charitable Organization and a Helping Hand, INUSA donates and provides  financial and material assistance to support our Security and Law Enforcement Units, other Charitable Organizations, the Needy and the afflicted in our Community and beyond, and also to people affected and or dislodged by natural disaster. It has four main Programs – Education, Medical, Security and Cultural and four corresponding Committees around which all activities are organized and executed.

  •  Education Committee
  • Medical Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Cultural Committee

INUSA has its Head Office in Houston Texas. Its main operations and charity works are in Ihiala but not limited to Ihiala, Anambra State, Nigeria where its Four Principal Meridian Programs are very much needed to help in the development activities of the City in the areas of Education, Medical/Health Care, Security and Culture. It makes financial donations to and through other Charitable Organizations in our efforts to help the sick, the needy and people affected by natural disaster.

Sequel to the inception of Ihiala Town Association (ITA)in April 2003, Cosmas Akazie, the founding President of ITA concerned and determined to seek some solution to the fast deteriorating security, education and health care system infrastructure, mounting socioeconomic pressures, anxiety, loss of hope, bleak and uncertain future, and pain and anguish through which people in our Community back home were undergoing, discussed these problems with Emeka Uzowulu, Ichie Emmanuel Odimgbe, Ignatius Nzegwu, Charlie F. Maduafokwa and Brendan Nwabugwu, and also enlisted the support of their wives - Lady Bridget Akazie, Lady Sabina Uzowulu, Dr. Pat Dike Odimgbe, Mrs. Oby Maduafokwa and Mrs. Sheril Nzegwu who were also members of Ihiala Town Association Houston. After several in-depth deliberations, a shared concern became evident, and the vision conceptualized at the outset to form an Organization of Ihiala Citizens in USA became collective and clearer, and the quest for it grew stronger. So, as we all unanimously agreed to organize and undertake the initiative to help alleviate the pressures, we then brought the entire members of Ihiala Town Association in on the discussions. After several monthly meeting sessions and discussions, which some of them Arch. Chief I. Ifeanyi, Iduu Ugwumba and Dr. Macauley Anyigbo visiting from Ihiala attended and made some invaluable inputs, we all together vigorously undertook the mission to convene all Ihiala citizens in USA to unite and to undertake some charitable and humanitarian initiatives

  • to show our people that we care,
  • to empower and to instill hope in them,
  • show them a life with settled value
  • and to help bring back sunshine into their lives.

 During several meetings of Ihiala Town Association we identified the three main areas of concern in our community- (a) Security, (b) Education and (d) Medical/Health Care. We then convened a Convention of Ihiala Citizens in USA during the week end of October 8 2007. At the Convention these areas of concern - Education, Medical Care and Security were critically and analytically discussed. At the end of the discussion, all present unanimously agreed and decided to tackle the issues right away. A Steering Committee was appointed to structure the Programs, craft the modalities, draw up the schedules, and to form an organization to administer the Programs under a legally registered assumed Name. We closed the Convention with a fundraising from the participants and started this Nonprofit Concern, Ihiala National USA Inc. With the funds raised

  • we purchased some security gadgets – walkie-talkies, six motor cycles as means of mobility and donated them to Ihiala City Neighborhood watch known as Vigilante corps: - a sort of COP -  which is Citizens On Patrol.
  • With twelve volunteer Doctors we conducted a three day Medical Mission – a free clinic at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital where we screened and treated over 3500 patients, and gave each of them at least a three month supply of medications, and
  • donated to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital a sum of  money, medications and supplies worth about N800,000.00.

 Borrowing the words of Rev. Fr. Henri Nouwen when in his homily he observed that, “vision and mission are central to the life of God’s people”. As we, the members of Ihiala National USA know and believe, we are God’s people, we believe that vision backed by mission will bring together the will and the resources to address the needs. This is what INUSA is all about as we forge ahead in our efforts to achieve our goals through our four main programs - Education, Medical/ Healthcare, Security and Cultural Programs for the benefit of our Community and beyond.

As we all know full well, the success of every endeavor rests on the sacrifice, selfless interest and humanitarian sympathies of the organizers. This sentiment is encapsulated in our Motto — UNITY, LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE

Getting people of like minds united in spirit and in deeds with a sense of common purpose pursue shared Community Responsibility to open up vistas of opportunities to show our Community that we care. If with the principles of utility, unexampled selflessness and humanitarian sympathies we undertake community and communal projects for the greatest value for the benefit of the people, people will follow us, - this is INUSA.

We lead by example and action - and not by words only. Leadership has three qualities—vision, structure and people. It always influences and determines the outcome of an initiative, not some of the time, but all the time. People who are true natural leaders are neither appointed nor elected. They emerge with distinct initiative to champion some causes. With inspiration for common good, leaders will, like magnate, attract and influence followers - (people). And with humility, deep sense of self-sacrifice and unexampled integrity, they lead by ministering (serving) to alleviate socioeconomic or even political pressures and concerns that plague the people. These are the ideal leadership and selfless Service INUSA exudes and promotes. 



This is another way of saying, “all hands on the deck” a division of labor as demonstrated by the folk-lore hero, the proverbial Tortoise and his followers, the fish. The Tortoise sends the fish to fetch firewood in order for him to cook for them. Then after instructing them of what is expected from each and every one of them, he tells the big fish to bring big bundle of firewood and the small fish, to bring small bundle of firewood”. Community Project is a communal endeavor, so everybody has to chip in according to his or her ability. This is a variation of the popular Igbo saying; “All five fingers are not equal, but each finger has a job it does best.” In INUSA, we join our hands together, and every one of us according to his/her ability will chip in to help alleviate the plight of our people and to make our Community hum.

The three main programs of Ihiala National USA Inc. are:


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